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Douglas has been writing and creating content professionally for nearly 25 years. He got his start working at a local newspaper and hasn't stopped writing since. Since then, he's written books and educational content for children, written for start ups and household names in the tech world, and has had his writing in the White House (which is pretty good for a Canadian). His time writing for children gave Douglas the ability to explain almost anything to anyone in a way that is approachable, without oversimplifying the technical aspects of the message. 

In the tech world, Douglas uses his love of technology and his skill at asking good questions to create the kind of content that connects with highly technical audiences. He's written for companies like Adobe, Akamai, Broadcom, Rejoiner,, and Liatrio.

Outside of Tech, Douglas follows random paths into the mountains looking for wild fish in remote places. His love of the outdoors has led him to writing for organizations like National Geographc and the US Air Force. 

Regardless of his audience, Douglas uses stories to create a connection between the subject matter and reader.  

Douglas lives in the southern interior of British Columbia, Canada, with his wife and daughter.

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Technically Speaking: B2B content & copy for specialist audiences

October 24, 2023, 08:15 PM
Douglas Paton Molly McBeath Rachel Sparacio-Foster

Rocket Fuel Strategy

Hunt Interaction

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