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Jasz Joseph is the founder of Jasz Rae Digital, an agency for agencies. She helps boutique agency owners and consultants generate a pipeline full of sales-ready leads. 

Jasz spent years working in account strategy roles for mid-sized marketing agencies and absolutely loved it. However, after experiencing the same issue at agency after agency, she knew she had to make a change. Each team meeting would kick off with the CEO saying something to the effect of “we need to treat ourselves like a client” complaining about how the agency’s sales and marketing efforts had fallen to the back burner. Then, for about a week or two, internal marketing efforts would pick back up until another client fire arose and they got pushed to the back burner again.

She quickly realized that the old saying “the shoemaker’s kids never have shoes” holds true. Agency owners and consultants spend so much time building their clients’ businesses that they rarely have the time, energy or focus to work on their own sales and marketing efforts. 

Jasz was able to take her marketing strategy skills and knack for creativity and start her own business in January 2021. Today, Jasz has partnered with over 50 boutique agency owners and consultants to help them grow their pipeline and practice what they preach to their clients by creating killer marketing campaigns. Her clients sing her praises with reviews touting successes like a “550% ROI” and “very high-quality inbound leads within the first hour of the campaign.”

When she is not strategizing with clients over Zoom, you can find Jasz exploring a cute neighborhood with an oat milk latte in one hand and her rescue beagle-mix Uno’s leash in the other hand.

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The Power of a Full-Funnel Marketing Strategy

October 25, 2023, 03:30 PM
Jasz Joseph

Rocket Fuel Strategy

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