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Molly McBeath

founder, McBeath Communications LLC Technical content and copy writer with over 2 decades of experience in communications & former research scientist with a master's in water quality

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Molly McBeath is a technical content & copy writer and editor and the owner of McBeath Communications LLC. Molly originally trained as a research scientist and worked on nuclear waste remediation strategies for the U.S. Geological Survey. But quickly her love of writing and passion for a good explanation persuaded her to give up her lab coat for a keyboard. 

Since leaving the lab, Molly has written and edited on many technical and industrial topics, including energy, toxicology, finance, software, and education. She's also written just about any kind of text you can think of—from brochures, websites, print ads, standardized tests, and training manuals to reports, white papers, case studies, and books. She also works regularly with scientists and engineers who are non-native speakers to help them connect with their English-speaking audiences and write technical content that is clear, correct, and captivating.

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Technically Speaking: B2B content & copy for specialist audiences

October 24, 2023, 08:15 PM
Douglas Paton Molly McBeath Rachel Sparacio-Foster

Rocket Fuel Strategy

Hunt Interaction

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