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Samar Owais

Samar Owais

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Samar is an email conversion strategist for SaaS and eCommerce brands, founder of Emails Done Right newsletter, and creator of the eCommerce Email Bootcamp for copywriters.

She's known for creating email journeys that not only turn subscribers into customers but compel them to come back again and again (and again.)

She’s helped companies like Hubspot, Drip, and Pinterest as well as numerous ecommerce brands increase conversions, retain customers, and fix the money-leaking gaps in their emails. 

You'll find her geeking out over emails on Twitter and picking an email fight every Wednesday in her newsletter, Emails Done Right."

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Q&A with Samar Owais: Nurture & convert leads with critical email sequences

October 24, 2023, 02:00 PM
Samar Owais

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