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Tiffany Sattler

Founder, Elysium Copy I've helped clients garner 1000+% more engagement, triple their speaking opportunities, and secure 5-figure retainers. But to get there, we had to start in the DMs. Join me to discover how years of living in the DMs has taught me about taking a human-first approach to online conversations.

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Tiffany Sattler is a LinkedIn Ghostwriter and Growth Strategist who partners with founders and entrepreneurs to leverage LinkedIn without the DIY grind or burnout.

Prior to founding Elysium Copy, she earned a Master’s in English and spent nearly a decade teaching at colleges and universities.

Her experience in storytelling, rhetorical writing, and analysis has uniquely positioned her to:

1) Distill her client’s knowledge and experiences into engaging, thought-provoking content on LinkedIn and other platforms

2) Create processes designed to accelerate lead gen based on each client’s needs

She created The LinkedIn Conversion-Factor Framework, a thoughtfully designed strategy forming the foundation of her services, which focuses on increasing conversions through bespoke, high-value content and human-first engagement instead of low-value filler content and spammy tactics.

The Framework has led to significant results for her clients, such as:

▪️ Helping a new-to-LinkedIn business owner achieve 4-figure engagement increases

▪️ Helping a teambuilding consultant find their tribe and generate 5-figure contracts

▪️ Tripling speaking opportunities within 6 months of partnering with a thought leader

Her mission is to help 6+ figure brands accelerate their growth and amplify their impact by leveraging LinkedIn with a sustainable marketing strategy without sacrificing customer experiences, quality of service, or their precious time. Her values are founded in human-first sales, authenticity, and integrity.

When she’s not nerding out about marketing strategy, you’ll find her supporting LinkedIn’s biggest Dungeon & Dragons group as the community manager, cooking up a storm, or chasing down 2 rambunctious toddlers.

You can find her on LinkedIn at:

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Leading with value: How to curate human-first, rapport-building DMs

October 25, 2023, 08:15 PM
Tiffany Sattler

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