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Cynthia Trevino

Demystify Content Marketing: 5 Choices You Need to Make So You Can Attract Buyers Online Successfully (+ Consistently)

A Talk by Cynthia Trevino (Content Strategist + Coach, She Markets Mentor)

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About this Talk

As an online business owner, showing up and sharing your marketing content fuels your ongoing connections with dream clients, customers, and students. It’s your awesome key to attracting the right buyers with the right message. 

Yet, with so many balls to juggle in today’s busy online marketplace, what content do you create so that you can consistently show up? So you can grow your client, customer, buyer, or student roster?

This presentation shares a framework for making 5 essential online marketing choices so you can craft an effective messaging and content and build the know, like, and trust factor with your audience.

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5 Choices to Enhance Your Content Marketing Strategy


October 25, 2023, 09:00 PM

09:00 PM - 09:35 PM

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Cynthia Trevino

Cynthia Trevino

Content Strategist + Coach, She Markets Mentor

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