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Tiffany Sattler

Leading with value: How to curate human-first, rapport-building DMs

A Talk by Tiffany Sattler (Founder, Elysium Copy)

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About this Talk

With a focus on professional networking and a user base of 900 million, it’s no wonder LinkedIn has become one of the best avenues for B2B lead gen. Unfortunately, it has led to a rise in the cold DM pitch.

InMail pitches, connection requests with a pitch, connection requests immediately followed by a pitch — these unsolicited pitch slaps can leave the recipient feeling dehumanized and frustrated. (Not to mention it’s the fastest way to lose a connection!)

If you’ve been avoiding DMs because of how they’ve been misused, allow me to introduce a different approach. One where you can broaden your network while qualifying and nurturing leads in a human-first way that adds value and builds trust.

In this session, I’ll…

▪️ Dispel the top myths about using DMs to engage your ideal clients and show you why you should be using DMs to convert in a human first way

▪️ Reveal my top strategies that have helped my clients start conversations, nurture leads, and book calls without the sleazy sales tactics

▪️ Teach you how to optimize your DM engagement

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1:1 DM Strategy Session


October 25, 2023, 08:15 PM

08:15 PM - 08:53 PM

About The Speakers

Tiffany Sattler

Tiffany Sattler

Founder, Elysium Copy

I've helped clients garner 1000+% more engagement, triple their speaking opportunities, and secure 5-figure retainers. But to get there, we had to start in the DMs. Join me to discover how years of living in the DMs has taught me about taking a human-first approach to online conversations.

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