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Brook McCarthy

Hustle & Heart A straight-talking self-employment geek, who finds you the easiest path to get you where you want to go.

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Brook McCarthy is a business coach, digital marketing trainer and self-employment geek with 15 years in business, making her happily unemployable.

With a background in Public Relations, Brook helps owners to build their professional reputation as a business asset, to create leverage in their business model, and to say something worth listening to (and do something worth talking about). She believes in finding your 'mutual admiration society' - aka, your ideal clients, so that joy becomes part of your business.

Brook is known as the 'business whisperer', helping owners go from zero to consistent $10K+ months, and from overworked and joyless, to living and thriving, with a high-impact, high-profit business that suits them to a tee. 

As founder of Hustle & Heart, Brook runs masterminds, group coaching, one-to-one coaching, facilitation, and public courses around Australia. Brook is also a qualified yoga teacher with 25+ years' teaching experience.

When she's not teaching, coaching or facilitating, Brook is working on her handstands, cartwheels or box jumps in the gym, or traveling with her family. Noodle soup is her love language.

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Leverage Yourself: Get paid to find leads and build your list

October 24, 2023, 10:30 PM
Brook McCarthy

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