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Sunny Hunt

Hunt Interaction

Samar Owais

Samar Owais

Lianna Patch

Punchline Copy

Amy Posner

AR Posner Enterprises

Belinda Weaver

Copy Coach and Mentor, Copywrite Matters

Mimi Zhou

Mimi Zhou International

Gemma Biz


Ash Chow

Ash Chow

Charlotte Davies

Charlotte the Copywriter

Greta Klaas

Greta K

Laura Lopuch

Laura Lopuch Global LLC

Molly McBeath

founder, McBeath Communications LLC

Betsy Muse

Founder, Rocket Fuel Strategy

Jessica Noel

Write and Main

Sarah Sal

Facebook Ads Specialist, Hootsuite

Rachel Sparacio-Foster

Fresh Perspective Copywriting

Marika Tosi

Founder, Marika Tosi

Cynthia Trevino

Content Strategist + Coach, She Markets Mentor

Esai Arasi


Sandra Booker

COO and Growth Strategist, Changemaker Inc. (o/a Any Old Task & Sidekick COO)

Grace Fortune

Grace Fortune Marketing, Inc

Melissa Harstine

Melissa Harstine Consulting

Ella Hoyos

Flurry Marketing

Gillian Jones

Founder, Gillian Jones Copywriting

Jasz Joseph

Jasz Rae Digital, LLC

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