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Melissa Harstine

Melissa Harstine Consulting Customer insights strategist for 6- and 7-figure course creators like Jordan Gill, Content Bistro, and GeekPack. My clients have exceeded sales goals by 110% after closing audience and message gaps!

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Melissa Harstine, a customer insights strategist, helps 6- and 7-figure course creators close the gap between what they want to say and what their audience actually needs to hear before they're ready to buy. The result? Ideal clients convert faster, and the course or program continues to grow. 

She graduated from the University of Iowa, cum laude, and brings a unique blend of empathy and multidisciplinary thinking to her work, leading to fresh solutions that make an impact.

A frequent guest speaker, Melissa has been featured on platforms like The Copywriter Club Podcast, Rebel Boss Summit, Boss Project's Strategy Hour Podcast, and Rick Mulready’s Art of Online Business.

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The Audience-Message Gap: Critical Insights to Better Nurture Your Leads into Becoming Customers

October 26, 2023, 09:00 PM
Melissa Harstine

Rocket Fuel Strategy

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