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Laura Lopuch

Laura Lopuch Global LLC Cold email & pitch expert.

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Laura Lopuch is a cold email maverick. She helps service providers and solopreneurs send cold and partnership pitch emails that get new clients without the sleaze or big time suck.  

Four months after launching her business, she grew it by 1400%, using only cold emails. Laura’s success continued when one of her cold emails brought in a $20,000 client. She has since helped her students get their next big $10k or $25k client with cold pitch emails, using her powerful ‘The Relevancy Method.’ 

Now she uses cold & partnership pitch emails as her #1 marketing strategy. 

Laura wrote a wildly viral article on cold emails for Copyhackers and has been featured on highly ranked industry blogs and podcasts. Her words have appeared on CrazyEgg, Kissmetrics, Predictable Revenue, and Unbounce. She has also spoken at conferences like MicroConf and Shine Bootcamp. 

She lives in Denver with her husband, two white-faced dogs, and three sons. Visit to get the only emails that help you get new clients with cold outreach.

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3 Priceless Pillars of a Cold Email

October 24, 2023, 09:00 PM
Laura Lopuch

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