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Gillian Jones

Founder, Gillian Jones Copywriting A conversion copywriter who creates web pages and brand story strategies. Those who tell stories run the world and everyone has a story in them....but what's yours? Join my list for stories (of course!), tips, guidance, and everything else.

About this speaker

Gillian is a conversion copywriter with a love of brand storytelling and strategy and who loves creating smooth, slick copy pages that stick in people’s minds, turning readers into leads. She enjoys reading and writing about AI.

She’s an avid reader or anything from sci-fi, supernatural to hard hitting life stories and did I say she loves stories?

And yes, she loves her own stories, other people’s stories and creating super impressive, knuckle-busting, hit you between the eye stories.

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The power of storytelling can turn readers into leads but does tech help or hinder the storytelling process?

October 25, 2023, 02:45 PM
Gillian Jones

Rocket Fuel Strategy

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