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Michelle is the founder and CEO of Michelle Smith Marketing. She has been helping businesses run smoother and smarter for the better part of two decades. As an email marketing expert, she creates smart automated email systems so companies can make more sales and change more lives. 

She has written emails for 6-figure coaches, B2B businesses, e-commerce clients, K-12 education companies, cryptocurrency organizations, marketing agencies, and non-profits. Helping entrepreneurs reach their email goals has been the focus of her copywriting business since 2019.

She believes that a well-organized email system is key to business growth.  

When she is not writing emails or crafting email automations for clients, you’ll find her and her husband remodeling their 1910 farmhouse while taking care of two teenage sons, three horses, two dogs, and many other lovely farm animals. Sometimes they get away to hike on the mountains around the Pacific Northwest or hang out on the coast. Michelle loves all things Oregon and never goes anywhere without either snacks or tacos (preferably both). 

This past spring, she launched a brand new website. You can go hang out over at michellesmithmarketing.com to see more about how that all worked out. 

If you’re feeling social, then come on over to Instagram, where you’ll find me hanging out @msmithmarketing. This is where you can experience our farm (including the newest member - a young wild horse we just adopted), some of the Smith family shenanigans, and also pick up useful tips on all things email marketing.

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Growth on Autopilot: Essential Email Automations

October 26, 2023, 06:00 PM
Michelle Smith

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