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Grace Fortune (she/her) is a launch strategist, copywriter, latte aficionado, and founded (what would become) Grace Fortune Marketing Inc. in 2020. 

Using her Unf**k Your Launch framework, Grace helps her clients lay a solid foundation for their launch, so they can show up and sell authentically with a launch that genuinely serves their audience. In the end, clients get no-BS launch auditing, roadmapping, coaching and email copywriting that’s tailored to their needs and stops DIY disaster in its tracks.

Grace has been a presenter for The Copywriter Club Think Tank, Accelerator and Underground groups, and has appeared on several podcasts: The Copywriter Club Podcast, The Profitable Advisor Podcast, Reprogramming with Lindsay Hyatt, Unicorns Unite!, and The Great Escape) and is a co-host of the upcoming podcast The Copy Table.

In a past life, Grace had more jobs than she can count (as a collections agent, a waitress, a telemarketer, and even an unfortunate gig handling toxic chemicals). As a virtual assistant offering launch implementation support, she helped one client earn over $2,000,000 from a handful of offers! 

Graduated from Niagara College in 2012 as a professional Dental Office Administrator, Grace lives near Niagara Falls, Ontario. You can usually find her singing Hamilton songs, or reading a book on Kindle with a cat in her lap or her Mini Aussie at her feet (and iced latte in hand). Possibly all at the same time. 

To learn more about Grace Fortune, and how to get your offer off the ground (be it a course, membership, or even a lead magnet - your launch can be Unf**ked), visit

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The Not-A-Funnel Sales Funnel: The Hidden Power of Your Network to Generate Leads

October 26, 2023, 08:15 PM
Nicole Morton Grace Fortune Erin Pennings

Rocket Fuel Strategy

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