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Greta Klaas

Greta K Integrate borrowed audience strategies into your next launch(es) and multiply your traffic while you create brand awareness and build authority

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Greta has coached, trained, and worked with over 3,000 business owners in mindset, messaging, and marketing as they discover the next-level narratives that will allow them to serve and scale. 

Her client roster includes enterprise clients, entrepreneurial legends, and solopreneurs who are looking to grow the successful businesses they’ve always dreamed about. (I’m looking at you, contractors, course creators, and coaches!)

Greta doesn't believe in one-size-fits-all business strategies. Instead, she helps her clients create less hustle and hassle and more income and impact in their businesses, helps them achieve sustainability with personalized profit paths, and creates win-wins that honor both the brand and its clients and customers.

Her not-so-secret superpowers include the ability to turn an objection into a selling point in under 90 seconds – it’s been tested thoroughly, creating gotta-have-it names for the service packages, products, and programs in your offer suite, and writing absolutely cinematic sales copy.

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The Borrowed Audience Stratgy Breakdown


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Q&A with Greta Klaas: 5 Ways to Build Leads with Borrowed Audiences

October 26, 2023, 03:30 PM
Greta Klaas

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