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Paula McConnell

Founder, Seva Digital Averse networker with decades of avoidance of in-person events, reverses mindset to become a networking maven.

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Paula McConnell is the founder of Seva Digital, a copywriting agency designed specifically for small business owners in the wellness space. A certified Design Thinking practitioner, Paula invented the Marketing Micro-project™ to give small business owners both solutions to their marketing challenges and knowledge to grow their marketing confidence. 

After having a pivotal experience in rural Nicaragua where she realized that economic justice starts with economic opportunity, she pivoted from working in agricultural information technology to learning the business skills necessary to assist entrepreneurs. After an experience with the family business where the owner, an internationally recognized literacy expert, was struggling with her business because she didn’t understand marketing, Paula vowed to find a way to help small business owners master marketing. Paula graduated with an M.B.A with an specialty in innovation from SUNY Empire State College in 2021.

Paula has developed a skill set from years of experience of working with small businesses, along with several years of administrative experience in higher education. What she values the most, however, is the experience of being an entrepreneur herself, and the opportunity to work with other women entrepreneurs in Rwanda and Nicaragua. She is also passionate about supporting others in their entrepreneurial journey, and is a dedicated volunteer for Defy Ventures in the Greater New York City area. You won’t find her far from a book too, and also serves on the board of directors of the Friends of the Johnson Library in Hackensack, New Jersey.

Paula lives in Teaneck, New Jersey with her very supportive husband, and two dogs who like to snuggle on the couch and knock off her laptop to tell her to stop working. 

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Get out from behind the screen: lead gen in real life

October 24, 2023, 09:45 PM
Paula McConnell

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